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About Our Company

If you’re looking for a convenient and reliable online essay writing & editing services at affordable prices, you will be interested in Essaychoices.com.

In the beginning, we commenced as a sole proprietorship and grew into a reliable company. We've built a good rapport with our customers since we launched the website in 2008. Today, we pride ourselves as the leading essay writing online assistant. We strongly believe that our services will positively impact students' grades to resolve their academic challenges.

As a company, we set and pursue the highest standards of excellence and strive to attain them. Our experts are knowledgeable in various disciplines, and they will find appropriate answers to your academic problems.

We understand that most students do not know how to write exemplary essays. Our profound success rate is the potential to write top-notch papers that meet your academic requirements. Here are the main factors of our success:

Reliable support team

Our support team does their job with the utmost professionalism and demonstrates patience. We serve customers 24/7, and we deliver professional essay writing services of high-quality standards.

Professional Experts

We only hire writers with practical years of experience in all academic fields. Most writers at essaychoices.com have attained a range of literary awards and degrees. Our writers have a great passion for writing papers.

Superior Quality

Our experts write high-quality products that meet students' needs and distinguished university requirements. We strive to comply with the most complex instructions whatsoever.

We work 24/7

Our writers are in different time zones to complete your work overnight if needed. We operate 24/7 and do not miss customer deadlines.

Who and how do we hire our writers

We do not just hire random people to be part of our team of experts. However, our writers pass through rigorous English and Grammar tests. Only those who pass the Language and Knowledge test qualify to be part of the team. Such individuals must prove that they will handle the amount of work and their duties as expected.

Here's what what an applicant must satisfy to be hired
  • Step 1. Language & Grammar Test

    Any applicant must pass the language and grammar test developed for our segment. Once the writer has proven that their English skills are robust enough to be an academic writer, they can proceed to the next test.

  • Step 2. Writing test

    The applicant must complete a test essay within a given duration on a specific topic. The test is to ascertain they’re fit as academic writers and ready to work on serious topics. This test also illustrates their professional skills in following order instructions and meeting deadlines.

  • Step 3. Hiring

    After the writer has proven to have sufficient skills required for the job, they are authorized to access active orders and work. However, the Quality Assurance Department will still monitor their performance.

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