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How to Improve My English Writing Skills and Grammar

This blog offers help to students who are still struggling to understand and write fluent English. It also provides 4 simple tips for students who need to improve their English writing skills.

Why Study English Writing Skills?

English is considered a West Germanic language of science, aviation,  tourism, diplomacy, and computers.

– Knowing English skills increases your chances of landing an excellent job within your country or abroad.

– In the field of study, English is considered an academic discipline that covers the study of literature written in English, English linguistics, and English sociolinguistics.

Video Guide: Why English Writing Skills is Important for Students

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Problems Faced by Students When Writing English Essays

a) Vague Introduction

English assignments often take the form of persuasion. Often, students get confused about what or what not to include in the introduction. Thus, they end up writing a vague or poor opening paragraph. Ideally, the introduction gives a quick idea about the topic, including the central theme or organizational pattern. A perfect introduction convinces your readers that you have an interesting, logical point of view on the subject of the assignment.

b) Irrelevant Thesis Statement

After writing a brief introduction of your topic, you should state your point of view on the topic directly and often in one sentence. This sentence is the thesis statement and summarizes the argument you will make in the rest of your paper. Moreover, the thesis statement governs the flow of your English assignment. Thus, it is essential to write a well-defined and quality thesis statement.

c) Complex Topics

English assignments include lots of complex, confusing, and tricky topics. Therefore, many students struggle to complete their homework by themselves. If you are one of such students, don’t feel frustrated. has professional writers for your solutions.

d) Lack of Evidence

To write excellent English assignments, students need in-depth knowledge of the topic. However, most students have an average research attitude. Due to the lack of evidence, they fail to write an outstanding English assignment alone. In such a case, a student prefers to hire an expert to provide the best English assignment help.

e) No Connection Between Evidence and Claim

Students may sometimes have difficulties proving how the evidence supports their claim in the assignment. Our experts will help you build a bridge between your claim and proof through examples, statistics, and facts.

f) Grammar and Sentence Structure

The sentence formation and grammatical rules are different for every language. Many students, especially international students, find it hard to frame proper logical sentences while working on their assignments. Besides, your professors always expect you to follow the university guidelines’ adequate structure in the English assignments.

g) Weak Vocabulary

Some students do not have a strong vocabulary. Therefore, they give up before starting their assignment due to a lack of confidence in their vocabulary, writing skills, and grammar.

h) Weak Analysis

Writing English assignments get more complicated if students do not have strong analytical skills. A tremendous analytical paper should be well-structured, cohesive, and logically consistent. Each part of the essay should be in its place, creating a smooth and logical flow of ideas.

i) Time Management

University and college students often have multiple academic tasks within strict deadlines. Writing assignments amidst such a busy schedule is no easy feat.

j) Unclear Conclusion

The conclusion is often ignored or missed out by the students, leaving a wrong impression on the readers. The purpose of the conclusion is to summarize your essay’s main points. However, a conclusion is not merely a re-statement of the main points covered in the paper but a synthesis of critical issues and their significance. Besides, a well-written conclusion demonstrates your understanding of the topic to the readers.

Finally, the conclusion allows you to elaborate on the impact and significance of your findings. When writing the conclusion, present your ideas in clear, simple language and provide a synthesis of the arguments presented in the essay.

4 Tips To Improve Your English Writing Skills and Grammar

How to improve your English writing skills

  • Short and Powerful sentences

    Short sentences are always more powerful to understand than long sentences. Furthermore, a good story loses meaning and steam with wordiness.  Readers appreciate short and clear sentences that carry one idea.

  • Write short and direct paragraphs

    Keep your paragraphs short and direct. Each paragraph should contain and support only a single idea. Say your intentions directly and avoid unnecessary filler words. Note that good writing skills are clear and concise.

  • Use active voice

    Always use active voice in your writing and stick to the subject-verb-object sentence structure. In addition, in active voice, the subject is always doing something, which is interesting compared to passive voice. Note that passive voice may be grammatically correct, but has long and complex sentences.

  • Review and proofread your work

    Finally, the first step is to edit and proofread your draft before you hand over your work to a professional editor like 

 English Subject Topics Covered by Our Experts

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– Persuasive Essays

– Book Analysis

– Writing Essays

– Essays Review

– Literature

– Myths

– Drama’s Explanation


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